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  • Data Snapshot: Coffee Culture Goes Corporate

    Bonding with co-workers over bad office coffee may soon become another obsolete workplace ritual (like voicemail). Today, more companies are looking to get into the $2.6 billion office coffee service industry by promising many of the same trends percolating in third-wave cafes — think single origin beans and specialty espresso beverages.   As fewer people drink coffee at home, workplace consumption has gradually increased from a low of 16% in 2013 to 21% in 2016, according to NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends data. Last year, office coffee supply companies served up 4.4 billion cups of coffee in the United States (up 5% over the

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  • Flying Boats and Whiskey: The History of Irish Coffee

      Is Irish coffee actually Irish? It turns out that the answer is yes – sort of. While there are several variations on the traditional Irish coffee recipe, the original Irish coffee was created at the flying boat terminal in Foynes, Ireland. (Yes, you read that correctly.) These flying boats were basically giant seaplanes that  could travel long distances. But they were also unreliable,  described as “big, big cumbersome things,” and vulnerable to changing weather conditions during their journey. Which is what happened in October 1943. When an aircraft bound for New York had to turn back due to inclement

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  • Innovation, Sustainability, and the Global Coffee Industry

    Innovation is all around us. From a 3D printer that enables doctors to construct human tissue, to a virtual reality headset that transports a policymaker in Washington, DC to a remote village in the Amazon to experience projects helping prevent deforestation. Things we never dreamed of 20 years ago are changing our daily lives. And, innovation is not just defined as “the next hot thing” – it’s critical to ensuring the sustainable growth of an industry. The coffee sector is continually innovating. Consider the new roasting and brewing techniques that led to cold brew and single serve coffees. Or, consumer

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