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Coffee Inspired Recipes

  • Iced Irish Coffee: COFFEE RECIPE TO TRY

    Most of us are familiar with Irish coffee but how often do you make it? If you’re after something a bit different to get your coffee hit, this one is a lovely treat to share with friends on a balmy summer’s evening. Enjoy a cup instead of dessert – it’s a cocktail, pick-me-up and sweet all-in-one. Make Irish coffee even more special with a drizzle of chocolate topping. INGREDIENTS 80ml (1/3 cup) freshly brewed espresso coffee 80ml (1/3 cup) Irish Cream Liqueur 1/3 cup ice cubes 125ml (1/2 cup) chilled milk 2 scoops vanilla ice-cream Chocolate topping, to serve 2

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    Cool, fun and with the zing that only coffee can bring, this dessert is perfection on a stick. There’s nothing healthy about it but that’s ok once in a while. It’s hero (besides a good dose of coffee) is one can of sweetened condensed milk. Doesn’t it make the world go ’round? Top it off with some amazing coffee syrup and lick away! Getting cooking good looking with the recipe right here. This ice-cream masters the characteristic sweetness of syrupy iced coffees served in Vietnam. Ingredients 250 ml(1 cup) espresso, cooled 1 x 395 gcan (1¼ cups) sweetened condensed milk

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    Thai Iced Coffee Travelling opens your eyes up to a whole new world of experiences and, most importantly, tastes! This is one of them and a lovely cool drink perfect for Summer.  What is best about this recipe is that it combines cardamom with really strong coffee, cream and sugar. Pop in a few ice cubes and you’ve got yourself a really unique drink to serve at your next dinner party. When making Thai Iced Coffee, you should brew very strong coffee by doubling the amount of coffee grounds than you normally use. This makes sure that the iced coffee

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