#HugYourDad This Dad's Day.

Fatherhood isn’t easy...

And the best father's day gift is coffee! Why do you ask? Well Spend a little time thinking back to your teenaged years and we’re sure you’ll agree. Dads are special guys, and their support comes at us differently than anyone else in the world. All of that time spent pitching tents and building campfires, or hours spent choosing the perfect Christmas tree? Those were your dad’s way of showing that he cared. Maybe your dad tried to teach you how to drive, only to panic and enroll you in lessons when you scared him, or maybe when dad barbequed burgers, he wound up burning the beef and ordering pizza.

Dad may not always get it exactly right, but remember that time he got all teary walking you down the aisle on your wedding day?

So does he. It kind of makes you want to #hugyourdad, right?

Dads have a different way of showing that they care than moms do, to be sure. It’s often a more subtle approach of service or gratitude. Many dads are hilarious and keep things lighthearted when no one else can. Sometimes when your car is broken or you’ve lost your job, your dad is the only one who you can think to call. Sometimes nothing calms us better than a great big hug from our dad.

 With all of the ways that your father has been there for you, Father’s Day is definitely a time where you want to be there for him. Talk to most dads, and you’ll find that it’s not about getting another tie or a fancy fishing pole. Dad appreciates the golf shoes or the gift card as much as he did last year, but what matters to most dads is the time.

At SingleJo Coffee, we’ve got an idea for this father’s day; on top of the usual summertime barbeque or gifts that you give, why not invite dad over for a cup o’SingleJo, just the two of you? Sit down and reminisce about all of the things that you remember most about your dad when you were growing up. Show your dad just how much those memories mean to you, and how you have taken his lessons to heart in your own life. Sitting with dad over a deep mug of aromatic coffee offers a unique and personal gift of time that you can share together this Father’s Day, and it’s another memory that your dad is sure to hold on to.


From all of us here at SingleJo, Happy Father’s Day.


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