We R Canucks That 'Heart' Coffee


We’re passionate about it and we know that we’re not alone. The Canadian coffee market speaks for itself, and the verdict is in; Canadians LOVE coffee.

Coffee is the most popular hot drink in Canada, consumed at the rate of approximately 14 billion cups per year. Trends in Canadian coffee drinking show that what you’re drinking can say a lot about you. With so many different options on the market today, Canadians have no shortage of choices in the type of caffeinated beverage that they consume. We at SingleJo know that there are a number of factors that go into choosing your favourite daily brew, and it’s a decision that Canadians don’t take lightly.

With coffee now representing the single most consumed beverage in the Canadian bracket for people over 25 (aside from water), it’s no mystery that this country has a discerning palette when it comes to drinking coffee. 


Coffee Flow Chart


That’s why, at SingleJo, we have worked hard to ensure that our products embody the things that our fans really want in a cup of coffee. Let’s put it this way; it’s about more than just waking up every morning.

We identify ourselves as “coffee people”. Coffee is something that we love, live, and look forward to each and every day. If you, like us, consider yourself to be a coffee drinker, the likelihood is that you’re going to consume over 1100 cups of coffee this year. If you’re going to spend this much of your time, money and energy on coffee, you want to be positive that you’re buying coffee that deserves your attention.

With our K-Cup compatible coffee pods, you’ll find a selection that we’re sure that everyday coffe drinkers are going to love. We care about your coffee experience, and the environment that we all share, which is why we believe in offering Less Waste, More Taste. When you order a package of 12 K-Cups, we’ll give you a sample of one of our delicious blends to try; allowing you to try a new and delicious roasted experience with no added cost to you.


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