You are a SingleJo Trail-Blazer! You're like Indiana Jones on a tenacious pursuit for the next adventure that will awaken your senses. You don’t ask the question ‘why’ but rather ‘why not?’ But don’t be fooled Trail-Blazer, you are not reckless in your decisions, instead you recognize there will be challenges and you are willing to face them head on. Always starting with the end in mind – as the trailblazer you know what you want in a coffee to help you laugh in the face of danger!

Your Recommended Roast and Flavour

A Dark or Medium Roast with more complex tastes – that you could pair with your chocolate covered, nutty trail mix – will suit your style just fine. Even better if it finishes with a hint of smokey and earthy tones to keep your feet planted firmly on the grown and moving forward.